Earth, Air, Fire and Water

The harmony that four elements of nature bring to a place. The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made of It is the coexistence of these elements that creates everything around us. A perfect relationship in these elements is what Altus is made up of


Altus Interio is one of the finest expressions of what can be described as a ‘Contemporary Global Indian’ traversing the world of fine living at its best.

Over time, the brand has come to symbolize an extraordinary reinterpretation of quintessential Indian sensibilities in design, material and craftsmanship so as to appeal to an ever evolving audience.


"The foremost requirement for a designer is to step into the life of the inhabitants of a space, to identify with their individuality and to create a space for them which is in sync with their sensibilities while being careful not to impose on them what is essentially not in alignment with their being."

Meet Adetee Sawhaney, our Principal Designer and Creative Director. Her life journey is a narrative driven by her unbridled passion for creativity. She started her career with advertising and thereafter went on to express her irrepressible imagination through art before adopting the world of interior design as the canvas to express her creative individuality.

It’s been over fifteen years now and today her name is synonymous with several of the most beautiful spaces in India and beyond. She has succeeded in establishing brand Altus as one of the foremost names in the world of fine luxury living. Needless to say, any discussion on exceptionally impressive work in the field of lifestyle spaces is incomplete without finding a mention of Adetee and her series of exquisite creations at Altus.

Adetee Sawhaney


Every creation emanating from the stable of brand Altus bears the stamp of our core philosophy of Authenticity, luxury, timelessness, uniqueness and superior quality.

To be true to this commitment in every venture we participate in, we are selective and only choose projects that we and our patrons are passionate about, those that inspire emotional responses and fire our collective imaginations. This unflinching devotion to our core philosophy enables us to create stunning, unique and truly bespoke interior solutions that are delivered to uncompromisingly high standards, be it for one off bespoke furniture pieces or a full interior design service


We invite you to visit our experience store to get a preview of the exceptional standards which are followed in every creation of ours. Every piece of furniture that you lay your hands on, every accessory, wall art and other visual delight that you enjoy at the store will initiate you into the beautiful world that you desire your space to be. Our design team will be happy to assist you with your requirements.


Altus takes pride in the variety and exclusivity of its offering across a spectrum of services and products. All this is made possible by the exceptionally capable teams at its two core centres – the design studio and the production facility. Lead by the principal designer herself, the team at the studio assists you in expressing your ideas so that they can find form in designs that are exquisite and emphatically expressive of your individuality at the same time.

We, at Altus, had very early along this journey, identified that the best of design is only as good as the final product through which it finds its physical expression. To be true to that learning, we ensure that each piece offered to you is manufactured at our in house production facility under the experienced and unfailing eyes of highly experienced technical experts who ensure that even the best craftsmen working with us do justice to their skill each time they give life to what we call ‘a piece of art’ at Altus.

Only those products which make the cut at our design studio and production house get to bear the ‘Altus’ badge before they are handed over to you. After all, it’s for this guarantee of excellence that our patrons choose us.


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