Exquisite furniture is only as good as the decor that completes it. At Altus, we ensure that you are spoilt with equally compelling solutions in lighting, wall arts and home accents so as to achieve a space that is perfectly balanced through its individual constituents and similarly expressive through their cumulative impact.


At Altus, we are acutely conscious of the age old Indian sensibility of expression in spaces through wall arts. Gleeful mirror accents, intricate plaster of paris patterns, oil paintings on canvas, wall and ceilings, digital artwork, wood carvings, customized wallpaper and murals on walls are liberally applied to create a look which is totally unique, often dramatic and consistently stimulates both the intellect and the senses.


The creative team at Altus is always on the lookout for creating and procuring the most interesting accessories that help define and accentuate a given space. These 'finishing touches' in various creative combinations of materials, textures, colours and sizes embrace our dedication to uncompromising quality and distinctive design which is as holistic as our approach to furniture design which it complements.

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Flattering illumination through customized lighting solutions is an integral part of complete interior solution at Altus. Exquisite table lamps, traditional wall sconces, statement chandeliers and accent pieces carefully curated to form a perfect fit for your interiors are offered to accentuate the space enlivened by our bespoke furniture pieces.


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